Maria Espeus

De la Sombra a la Luz

Production · Setba Fund.
Texts · Rosa Regàs
Design · Peret

DE L’OMBRA A LA LLUM is a participatory photography project, organized by the Setba Foundation, aimed at women who have suffered male violence. Each year it has the collaboration of a prestigious photographer. In 2017, Maria Espeus was in charge of photographing 15 of these women, 10 frontal portraits and 5 in which their faces cannot be seen for fear of reprisals. The aim of the project is to contribute to empowerment and Maria’s portraits are a good example of this. One only has to look at the photographs to understand the strength and courage that these women exude. Once again, art shows us that it can serve as a tool for social transformation.
Text · Cristina Sampere, Director of the Setba Founation